My journey to open a company in the Netherlands

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I had been looking for the ideal country to start my hair- and beauty salon. I soon decided that I wanted to open a company in the Netherlands. The logistics of emigrating were already quite overwhelming, and overcoming the administrational challenges needed to open a company the Netherlands were adding to my stress levels. Luckily, I discovered the website of Intercompany Solutions. The website provided me with a clear overview of all the practical matters I had to take into consideration, including residence permits, taxation policies, types of companies, and registrational procedures. This ensured that I had not overlooked any crucial matters, but it also led me to believe that enlisting help from experienced professionals might be a good idea to start my company successfully. In the end, I decided to enlist the help of Intercompany Solutions, so that I could be off to a flying start, even with limited initial knowledge. I found that their services were

  • Thorough and complete
  • Highly personalized
  • Honest and straight- forward

How I was helped to open a company in the Netherlands

Before I officially started making use of the services of Intercompany Solutions to open my company in the Netherlands, I signed up for a free consultation. This allowed me to decide whether I would benefit from their service and if I felt comfortable with them handling the procedure to open a company in the Netherlands on my behalf. Their expertise on legal matters, business administration and local customs reassured me that I could truly benefit from their help, so I decided to go for it. Soon after, I could start gathering the required documents (which Intercompany Solutions helpfully listed) for registering at the Dutch chamber of commerce. The rest of the procedure was handled by my incorporation agent, and all I had to do was wait for confirmation of my registry. The procedure continued soon after, with my  agent helping me open a business bank account. This was another crucial step to open my company in the Netherlands, as now I could pay my share capital to the account and complete the official formation. Next, I had to apply for a VAT-number, and this was arranged by my incorporation agent as well. The agent that was assigned to me by Intercompany solutions was my guiding hand in all the complicated tasks regarding business administration that followed. I am quite certain that without their help to open a company in the Netherlands, I could not have been this successful. 

My overall experience with Intercompany Solutions

Before enlisting the services of Intercompany Solutions, the idea to open a company in the Netherlands seemed like a far-off dream, an ambition that I would probably not be able to fulfill. They ensured me that I could, and provided me with the help I needed to navigate administrational challenges and structural choices succesfully. As a newcomer to business administration, I felt reassured by the extensive services that were offered by Intercompany Solutions. I would highly recommend anyone considering to open a company in the Netherlands to look at the following website:
You will be able to see for yourself how thorough they are in aiding prospective entrepreneurs, and the initial consultation is completely free of charge! I know that without their help, I would have likely made many mistakes on the path to open a company in the Netherlands, slowing down the process significantly. Thankfully, I enlisted Intercompany Solutions’ services, and realized my dreams. So, if you want to open a company in the Netherlands in the shortest timeframe possible, consider this resource!

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